Hi, I'm Georgiana

UX designer with a twist of digital marketing in my expertise. I specialize in merging creativity with strategic thinking to craft design solutions that deliver both business value and a great user experience.

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Family Bedtime Tribe

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Read along my challenges and journey steps of building a website for a child sleep consultant.

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Foodies App

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Foodies is a recipe management app that helps you create, find and organize all your recipes in a single place. It also gives you the tools to plan your meals and create organized shopping lists.

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Expats App

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Expats is a relocation app that helps people throughout their migration process and allows them to setup a new life in a new country with ease and convenience.

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Rebooting and seeking inspiration

I recharge my batteries by hanging out with friends and family, hiking, jogging, biking or satisfying my curiosities by reading and listening to podcasts about my favorite topics.

I enjoy travelling and discovering the richness of different cultures. This pushes me sometimes, to get outside of my comfort zone, but allows me to experience different points of view and reflect more on the beauty of life.

I am always thrilled to engage in various construction, home renovation and DIY projects. The sense of fulfillment that accompanies witnessing the progress of the work firsthand is truly gratifying. Moreover, this hands-on involvement has had a notable impact on the advancement of my project management skills.

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